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Psychological Assessment

Dr. Ildiko Tabori 

Psychological Assessment – Personality Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment, Learning Disabilities

Psychological assessment is a technique used to learn facts about you with regard to your current functioning and/or diagnosis, or as a tool to predict behavior or functioning in the future. Psychological assessments evaluate both cognitive and intellectual ability and personality factors. Such evaluations typically involve three components: a face-to-face interview, behavioral observations, and administration of specific tests. Dr. Tabori integrates and examines these three components so opinions, diagnoses, and recommendations can be made about your problem or referral reason.

A psychological assessment may be best if you are experiencing changes in personality or mood, difficulty concentrating, educational problems or require a fitness for duty evaluation (typical in law enforcement and with medical and legal professionals).



Dan C.

"Dr. Tabori has assisted me greatly in resolving MANY issues that I have had throughout my entire life in developing personal and professional relationships. Additionally, she continually gives me the tools and shares her wisdom with me in regards to parenting. This has enabled me to be a good parent and role model for my son. She's the very best there is!"

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